Mistake #5: Delegating all oversight of the recruiting process to your Recruiting Leader

The leader of your staffing organization bears a large responsibility for the success of your company. He is the one who must not only create the overarching recruiting strategy but must also oversee the tactical implementation of all of the processes that ultimately make up a satisfying hiring experience. In the absence of doing these things well, an organization will fail to hire the people it wants and those that do join may do so with some hesitancy. This is not exactly starting things off on the right foot.

Accordingly, the CEO needs to be aware of her company’s recruiting process and must emphasize to her team the importance that she puts on flawless execution of this process. This includes prioritizing interviews on her schedule, showing up on time to the interviews, and being prepared in advance for each candidate.

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Mistake #4: Using contract recruiters to hire your employees.

As noted earlier, the most succinct definition of human capital management (HCM) is how an organization gets the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time. This is trickier than it sounds, however. It requires an understanding of all of the factors at play that can impact this including, among others, the economy, the business cycle, the competitive landscape, and a company’s processes, procedures, and strategies. These things affect both the company as a whole, as well as an individual employee and their “lifecycle” within a company. By “lifecycle”, I mean the end-to-end process by which an employee joins a company, grows within that company, and then exits the company.

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