Mistake #10: Ignoring the impact of your performance management systems on your employees’ engagement and productivity

Ensuring good performance management is like a maestro conducting a symphony.  In order to make everything sound harmonious and beautiful, you must manage all of the individual parts. But each part will need something different from you in order to achieve the right sound. And taken as a whole, everything must work together in order to sound beautiful. 

So it is with performance management. It is important to have the right systems in place but the devil is in the individual implementation. Each employee will need something different from you and you must structure your systems so that each employee is incented and encouraged to work as part of a team to achieve greatness together. Sounds easy, right? 

Well, if it were easy then every company would be wildly successful and, we know that’s not true. But wildly successful companies have indeed cracked the code on how to best manage their employees’ performance, with an eye towards both the short term and the long term. Continue reading


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